De een z’n dood…

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In en uit de media / Persoonlijk

… is de ander z’n brood. Ik zag deze investeringstip (en blijkbaar is super-speculator George Soros ook investeerder in dit bedrijf):

Smith & Wesson Holding Corp (SWHC): “You feeling lucky today, well are yeh?–punk!” Smith & Wesson is feeling lucky. The company said its sales of hand guns are up 10% for the year and they had a backlog that was up 153% last quarter. (see this article) The uncertainty of the economy and the steady rise of unemployment have prompted a lot of Americans to consider arming themselves. FBI background checks for handgun sales has soared 44% since 2006 and even there is no direct correlation between background checks and sales, one can still logically assume that with more checks there will be more arms sold. Smith & Wesson’s numbers seem to prove this hypothesis. Smith & Wesson also plans on selling its perimeter security business to focus on its core gun manufacturing business. The security business has been losing money mostly due to cutbacks in government spending and so beginning from October, the perimeter security business will be reported as a discontinued operation in the financial results. Shares of Smith & Wesson are trading at their 52 week low of $2.29 down 38% from their 52 week high of $4.20 that was reached last December, […]. With the increased demand and the back-to-basics approach, this stock might just make you feel lucky today.

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